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Booking calendar

No more calls and emails back and forth to find suitable dates. Customers check the calendar to see what's available and make a booking request. Customers on the Silver and Gold plans have an integrated calendar while Bronze plan customers can connect a Google Calendar.

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Booking request form

Customers can submit booking requests using this form. They are prompted to include details about their request including how they plan to use your facilities, how many people will be attending and whether they would like to hire additional equipment/services.

Make a test booking request

Track your bookings

You can keep track of all your booking requests and bookings in the admin section. You can approve and decline booking requests, record your progress on each booking with tasks and see which bookings are ready to be invoiced.

1005 Jane Cooper
1004 Cody Fisher
1003 Esther Howard
1002 KW Solutions Ltd
1001 Jenny Wilson Yoga
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Email templates

Save time when replying to booking requests by selecting from a collection of email templates. For example, you can create different templates for approving one-off and repeat bookings, declining booking requests, sending invoices and recording payments.

Email templates

Subject Options
Approval for Booking
Booking approval
Invoice for booking
Payment received
Regular user booking
Decline a booking request
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Invoice total
VAT in total
Amount due


Generate an invoice for a booking with just a few clicks. The system will auto-fill the customer's billing address, your payment information and details about their booking. You can also generate custom invoices where you choose exactly what to invoice for. This could be for additional equipment or services not covered by the booking system.

Online payments

Use the easy setup guide to connect your online payment provider (Stripe, PayPal etc.) to take seamless online payments from your customers. Set a payment limit to avoid transaction fees on high value bookings.


Page options

Website editor > Add page
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Add pages to your website

LemonBooking has a customisable website editor (CMS) which allows you to take complete control of your website. Make your venue stand out by customising the look and feel of the booking system. Use the website editor to add pages, change layouts, customise the design and add photos of your facilities.

Manage documents

Keep track of all your documents and policies in one place using the document manager. You can also choose whether each document should be attached to emails you send from the system.


Name Options
Conditions of hire (2021)
PDF file (88 KB)
COVID risk assessment
PDF file (152 KB)
Conditions of hire (2020)
DOCX file (47 KB)
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Support your community

Use LemonBooking to promote your community activities & events, highlight local businesses and keep everyone up to date with your latest news. Connect Facebook & Instagram to reach more people.

Little Fishes

Little Fishes 🐠

Last updated at 08:55 on 24 February 2021
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Every Thursday (term time) from 9.30-11.30am for parents and toddlers. Come along, play and meet new friends. Volunteer run group, small charge expected to help with running costs.

9 North Road, London, LO1 2DN
Thursdays at 9:30am
Jane Smith
0203 123 4567
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Upload photos and descriptions for your facilities to show people what they can hire. Set the capacity and add attributes (e.g. width, length, ...) for each facility to help people find the perfect match. It's also possible to register private facilities which can only be booked by admins.

Pepperton Community Hall

Main Hall

A 100 square metre main hall with entrance lobby, toilets, a well-equipped kitchen and separate storage facilities. Suitable for community groups, clubs, and larger gatherings such as family parties, presentations and meetings. Max. 110   £10.00 - £18.00 p/h
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Equipment & services

Admin > Facilities > Add resource
Leave blank for unlimited
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Equipment & services

Offer equipment and services for hire to your customers when they make a booking request. These can be paid or free extras such as WiFi, a cleaning service, a projector, tables and chairs and so forth.


Pepperton Community Hall
Primary location
Joseph Stewart Hall

Multiple locations

If you're running a large community centre or organisation, you may wish to manage several locations from the same booking system. This functionality is included in our Gold Plan.


The system can automatically calculate booking prices using a range of pricing rules. Set prices for each customer group (residents, charities, etc.), for different days and times, for specific time slots and much more.

£10.00 p/ hour
Same price all day
£10.00 p/ hour
Same price all day
£10.00 p/ hour
Same price all day
£10.00 p/ hour
Same price all day
£18.00 p/ 2 hours
Noon until 18:00
£90.00 p/ 6 hours
18:00 until Midnight
£180.00 all day hire
7am until Midnight
£16.00 p/ hour
9am until Noon
£18.00 p/ hour
Noon until 19:00

Fees, discounts & deposits

Refundable booking deposit
COVID-19 discount

Fees, discounts & deposits

In addition to price rules, you can also have the system automatically apply fee, discount and deposit rules for different booking requests. For example — all "Party" requests require a £50 deposit or that all "Charity" bookings should receive a 20% discount.

Customer accounts

You can register both people and groups/businesses as customers in LemonBooking. Group accounts can be assigned to multiple users where each user has a specific role (e.g. bookings, billing, etc.).

ABC Yoga

Name Options
Esther Howard
View-only account
Cody Fisher
Standard account
All plans
Tuesday, 3 May 2022
Continues until: No end date

Auto repeat bookings

With the Gold plan, you can set regular bookings to repeat automatically until they are cancelled. This can be combined with any repeat pattern supported by the system (every week, every fortnight, every day, every weekday, 1st Monday of the month, 4th Friday of the month etc.). You can also set up exceptions for holidays, sickness, cancellations etc..

The Silver plan allows you to book automatically up to one year in advance and also gives you access to all the repeat patterns.


News module

This module activates a blog for your site which you can use to highlight groups & classes, promote community events and support local businesses
This module is ready to be installed
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Modules & integrations

Extend and customise the functionality available in the different plans using modules. These can be installed as and when you need them. Examples include a news module to help you share local events and activities, a links module for sponsors, a photo gallery module and an SEO module. You can also integrate with Stripe, PayPal, Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and more.


Customers on the Gold Plan can have the system customised to match their brand guidelines.

Image files only. Max 1024 KB
Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
"data": [{
"type": "bookings",
"id": 1001,
"attributes": {
"reference": "BOOK-1001",
"status": "approved",
"participants": 40,
"cost": 1000,
"created_at": "2021-01-07T11:36:29",
"updated_at": "2021-02-22T15:45:28"
"relationships": {
"customer": {
"data": { "id": 462, "type": "group" }

API access

LemonBooking integrates with well known payment providers (e.g. Stripe) and accounting tools (e.g. Xero) out of the box. With the Gold Plan, it's also possible to make custom integrations to other third party tools and websites using the API.

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