A booking system for community centres and village halls

LemonBooking makes online booking easy for community centres, sports facilities & village halls. Register now & take booking requests in no time

Our aim is to create inclusive, sustainable and privacy conscious tools to help bring communities together. We want to make it easier for people to find out about local activities and book facilities in their neighbourhood.

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Bookings without the hassle

No more calls. No more emails back and forth to find suitable dates. Customers check the calendar to see what's available and make a booking request. You respond from a selection of email templates.

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Stand out from the crowd

Make your venue stand out by customising the look and feel of your booking system. Use the website editor to add pages, change layouts, customise the design and add photos of your facilities.

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Support your community

Use LemonBooking to promote your community activities & events, highlight local businesses and keep everyone up to date with your latest news. Connect Facebook & Instagram to reach more people.

What is LemonBooking?

LemonBooking provides booking systems and websites for community centres, sports facilities and village halls. You can use the system to manage an online calendar, to track booking requests & payments and to promote local activities and events.

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