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Online booking system for professional studios

LemonBooking is a great choice for professional music, photography, and dance studios. The system makes managing studio reservations simple with an intuitive interface for booking time slots, managing equipment, and coordinating schedules. It provides real-time availability updates and comprehensive reporting tools to enhance efficiency and improve the client experience.

Online calendar & booking request form

The LemonBooking online calendar offers a clear and intuitive way to view and manage studio bookings. With real-time updates, users can easily see available time slots and make reservations without the risk of double bookings.

The calendar's user-friendly design ensures users can quickly find and book the perfect time for their session, whether it's for music recording, a photoshoot, or a dance rehearsal.

The booking form is straightforward and efficient, allowing users to enter their details and requirements with ease. Designed to streamline the booking process, the form ensures that all necessary information is captured, reducing administrative tasks and enhancing the overall booking experience.

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“ The website and booking system have all the functionality we expected and more. The level of support has been fantastic. The on-line help centre answered most of my questions. Questions sent by email where answered clearly and quickly. And when I needed it we had a Zoom call. ”

— Sarah A.

Professional invoicing

Once a booking request is approved, the booking software presents three invoicing choices. If the booking is for internal or staff purposes, you can simply dismiss the billing task. For customers, the 'Standard invoice' option offers the quickest route to invoicing. Here, the system collates all elements of the booking, including sessions, deposits, and equipment hire, generating a PDF ready to be emailed to the customer.

Alternatively, should you need to split a booking into multiple invoices (such as on a monthly basis) the 'Group by date' invoicing option is available. Simply select the desired invoicing period, e.g. May, and the system will allocate all billable items within that timeframe to a single invoice.

If neither of these options suit a specific booking, there's also the flexibility of creating a 'Custom invoice'. This allows you to specify precisely what should be invoiced. Furthermore, all invoicing methods can be configured to facilitate online payments.

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Slots into any website

If you have a website, you can embed the calendar and booking form with just a couple of lines of code. You can also link directly to the other pages (facility info, contact page, prices etc.) since the whole system is online.

Calendar embed code
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title="Room hire online calendar"
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Accept card payments

You can integrate LemonBooking with a number of online payment providers including SumUp, Stripe and PayPal — allowing your customers to quickly and easily pay for their bookings online.

  • Payment links

    The LemonBooking system will automatically generate payment links for your invoices and your customers can pay by card instantly.

  • Never miss a payment

    Payments are automatically recorded in LemonBooking when a customer pays online. No more payment reconciliation and no more missed payments.

  • Refundable deposits

    After an event, you can authorise Stripe or PayPal to automatically return a refundable deposit (or part of it in case of damage etc.) to the customer.

Card payment options for online and in-person payments
Card number
Available on the following plans

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