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All your events in one place

You can use the ticketing module in LemonBooking to promote an event, sell tickets online and manage access via a guest list. You can run one-off events (e.g. a festival) and repeat events (e.g. yoga classes), set up different types of tickets (standard, VIP, early bird, etc.) and check your guests in as they arrive with your phone or tablet.

Straightforward pricing

The fee for selling tickets in LemonBooking is just 20p per ticket for tickets paid for by cash, cheque and BACS transfers. Online payments are also supported but also incur the standard transaction fees applied by PayPal/Stripe.

10th Beer Festival

10am-9pm, Sat, 28 Jan 23
11am-6pm, Sun, 29 Jan 23
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Add your event

The first step is to register your event and add some basic information including a description, some images and details for the venue.

Once you've created your event, you can set up one or more sessions. If your event is taking place on one day, then you only need to create one session (with the desired start and end time). If your event is a course, class or similar event with multiple dates/times you should create a session for each occurrence.

Set up different ticket types

You can have different ticket types for different sessions (Saturday ticket, Sunday ticket, etc.), for different types of access (Standard, Concession, VIP, etc.), for different periods (early bird, last minute, etc.) and much more. Each type of ticket can have it's own price, admin/booking fee and availability settings.

Ticket types

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Promote your event

Once you have entered the information for your event into LemonBooking, the system will automatically generate a web page that you can use to promote your event.

You can display it on your website, share it via social media and - most importantly - direct people to it to order tickets online. If you have Stripe or PayPal connected your customers will also be prompted to pay online.

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Quiz Night

Every Tuesday we are hosting an informal pub quiz with great prizes! Entry to the quiz is £7 pp and that includes one beer or glass of wine. We'll supply pens and paper - just bring yourself!


Join us next time:
19:00 - 21:30, Tue, 29 Nov


Pepperton Village Hall
Village Green

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QR Code

Ticket TK-7LYBIL

Please bring this ticket along with you to the event. You do not need to print it - we can scan the QR code on your phone.

Whole event - 6 Nov 2022
Village Hall, Village, PO1 2ST

Sequence: 1 / 5
17:00, 26 Nov 22

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Generate professional tickets

With the LemonBooking ticketing module, you can quickly and easily generate professional-looking tickets for your events — complete with a QR code for checking people in. You can also add a logo and a description to each ticket type to personalise the experience.

No one likes paperwork

The system will also automatically generate order confirmation forms, invoices and receipts for your customers so you can focus 100% on your event.


As your guests arrive you can check them in by scanning the QR codes on their tickets with your phone or table. Anyone with a staff account for LemonBooking can assist the check in process. The LemonBooking admin interface will report your progress and total attendance in realtime. If someone has misplaced their ticket you can also search for their name (or order reference) in the system and check them in manually.

Paid Name
John Smith
Matthew Thomas
Ann Wilson
Phil Baker
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