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Online booking and payments for town & parish councils

You can use LemonBooking to manage bookings for halls & community centres, sports facilities, meeting rooms and market stalls. The system also allows you to quickly generate invoices, take online payments and sell tickets for events.

Online booking

Users can check the online calendar for availability and submit their booking requests. LemonBooking will then automatically provide a price estimate for the request and ensure that it doesn't clash with any pre-existing bookings.

You can decide whether to accept bookings immediately (e.g. for a tennis court) or to require approval (e.g. party in a community centre).

Designed for

  • Halls & centres
  • Indoor & outdoor sports facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Market stalls
Available on the following plans

“ We run a busy Town Hall with three rooms and over two hundred customers. LemonBooking has all the function we need for web site, bookings and invoicing (it can handle payments as well but we do that on QuickBooks). The support is fantastic. We were already using another good booking system but Lemon had so many useful additional functions and was cheaper. ”

— Mark F.

Customers can pay by card

You can connect your booking system to GOV UK Pay, Civica, Stripe and a range of other third party services to take payments - and return deposits - at the click of a button.

  • Don't wait for payments

    As soon as you approve a booking in LemonBooking you can have the system automatically send an invoice with an online payment link to the customer.

  • Syncs with accounting packages

    You have the option to connect several widely used online accounting packages with LemonBooking, making it easy to sync your invoices for bookings and equipment hire with the rest of your bookkeeping processes.

Card payment options for online and in-person payments
Card number
Available on the following plans
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Available on the following plans

Aligns with your existing processes

LemonBooking integrates with various third-party tools, allowing it to fit in effortlessly with your existing workflows.

With the Gold plan, you also have API access and on the Gold+ plan you can request custom integrations as per your requirements.

Suitable for all websites

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate the LemonBooking booking calendar and form into any website. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to include direct links to associated content, such as facility details and pricing information. The embedded calendar and booking form are WCAG compliant.

Calendar embed code
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style="width: 100%; height: 80vh; border: solid 1px #ccc">

Customer support

Responsive support whenever you need it so your staff can quickly get back to what they're best at. Online & by email. Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm.

Access controls

Assign permissions and activate the audit log to limit and monitor access to the system. Straight-forward controls for data privacy compliance.

Bulk invoicing

Quickly generate invoices for repeat/regular customers and import them into your accounting program with the click of a button.

Income & usage reports Real-time monitoring

The LemonBooking reporting dashboard offers town and parish councils a convenient snapshot of their venues' performance. It simplifies the process of analysing booking and customer data, making it easy to generate detailed reports on occupancy rates and financial performance across all facilities & resources.

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