Booking software for managing multiple venues

You can use LemonBooking to manage bookings at multiple locations. Monitor performance across all sites with advanced user access controls, portfolio reports, system-wide settings and comprehensive audit logs.

Online calendar & booking request form

Each venue can have its own website with online calendar and booking request form. Users simply check the online calendar for availability and submit a provisional booking online. LemonBooking will automatically estimate a price for the request and check that it doesn't conflict with any existing bookings. A huge time saver for your staff.

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Available on the following plans

Fits into your workflow

LemonBooking can connect to a range of third party tools so you can fit it seamlessly into your existing workflows. With the Gold plan, there is also API access and the possibility to make custom integrations.

Custom integrations

We have a team of developers who can help you connect LemonBooking to other third-party services and your own backend tools. Contact us for more information.

Collect online payments

You can connect your booking system to PayPal, Stripe, Pay360 and a host of other third party services to make online payments, refunds, invoicing and bookkeeping a breeze.

  • Don't wait for payments

    As soon as you approve a booking in LemonBooking you can have the system automatically send an invoice with an online payment link to the customer.

  • Syncs with accounting packages

    You can link a number of popular online accounting packages to LemonBooking to have invoices for bookings and equipment hire automatically synced with the rest of your bookkeeping tasks.

  • Free bookings for staff/students

    You can set up special booking groups for parents, teachers or students to allow them to booking at reduced rates — or even for free.

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Available on the following plans

“ LemonBooking has been an incredible tool for Buckinghamshire Libraries to manage room bookings across 11 locations. Hannah and Paul have been very attentive to our requirements, making sure the system is customised to meet the needs of our staff and customers. Read more Response rates to queries and issues have been very efficient which has helped maintain good customer experience. Leading up to the launch of LemonBooking our staff were confident in operating the system due to the excellent training package offered which included access to recordings, the Help Centre and online sessions. Overall there has been a vast improvement to Buckinghamshire Libraries room hire service due to the ability we now have for customers to self-serve and make payments online.

— Lyn, Buckinghamshire Council

Manage documents

You can keep track of all your documents and policies in one place using the file manager. You can control the visibility and permission for each file and choose which documents can be attached to emails you send from the system. All uploads are timestamped so you track the different versions you have of each file.

Customer support

Responsive support whenever you need it so your staff can quickly get back to what they're best at. Online & by email. Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm.

Access controls

Assign permissions and activate the audit log to limit and monitor access to the system. Straight-forward controls for data privacy compliance.

Global settings

Apply and enforce booking, invoicing & payment settings across all venues simultaneously with global system settings

Portfolio reports Monitoring in realtime

You can monitor and compare the performance of all your sites in realtime from the client admin reporting dashboard. Book an online demo or sign up for a free trial to find out more.

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